Saturday, 7 December 2013

IT'S CHRISTMAS - Well 7 days in!!!!

My Cabin Buddies Linda and Tash and I decided  (way back in the summer) to do an Advent Christmas pressie thingy.   Linda and I did it a couple of years ago (if my old blog readers are reading this!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.    Well My DH did the draw (very professional) and Linda buys for Tash, Tash buys for me and I buy for Linda.     I had a great time finding things for each day and had it in my head (which was at that time void of any projects) to make tons of stuff.   Then, as if the project demon heard me, I got bogged down with projects.   Amigarumi took over my life, so did a quilt I made for my bessie mate's granddaughter (I'll post that after christmas), secret santa labels for work, felt decorations, knitted mittens, knitted fingerless gloves with a flap, crocheted cowls, crocheted cushions for work etc etc etc...............

Well, the next think I know it's middle of November and I still have 8 pressies to get.  Burn is now panicking somewhat.   I did manage it tho, just!!!!!

December 2nd arrives (our Cabin night) and it's all very exciting.    I made a yule log which was not one of my best efforts.  I made some chocolate slabs using a mould from Lakeland (they were lurverly!).    Christmas decs up - and now I wait.        Tash arrives with a fabulous box of goodies (aaaalllllll miiiiiiinnnnnne!) done up with florist cellophane and a fabulous gold bow.     Then we wait for Linda, and wait, and wait.    Linda has got held up in traffic.   A very nasty accident on the A27.    She finally arrives and we get down to it.      There are sausage rolls, mince pies and ice cream (I ate the tub all bar two biggish scoops that Linda and Tash had!).   

We decide to open days 1 and 2.   There is much anticipation.  
This is my Day 1.    An advent candle.    I found this gorgeous Christmas Rose candle stick collar in my cupboard and which I think goes brilliantly with the colours of the candle. Thanks Tasha.

This is day 2.   Sorry about the quality of the pic.   It's duct tape which Tasha bought in the States when she was there in August.
Why don't we have such pretty duct tape?

Day 3.  Cupcake cases.    Burnice just loves cupcakes.   

Day 4.   A bag.
This is brilliant.   It starts out life as a rose and morphs into a shopping bag.   

We also gave gifts to our "not advent person", it was all very exciting.

I think I have probably bored you all silly for the time being so I will post the rest tomorrow and I will have day 8 then too.


sam21ski said...

Hello stranger, looks and sounds like you're all been having fun in your cabin.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the family.

Sam xxx

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo I'm liking the flower on the candle!