Sunday, 8 December 2013

DAYS 5,6,7 AND 8

It's me again!!!
I am soooo enjoying this advent pressie receiving.   I hope Linda and Tash are feeling the same.
Here are the next four offerings.   After today it will be one a day!
270 Sticky Notes - that should keep me going!   They are just sooooooooooo cute.
8 reels of decorative tape.   Aren't they fabulous.    I have a Smash Book so these will come in very handy.
Just look at the size of these buttons.   That's a 10p piece.   I have to say the do taste rather delicious.    Not many left!
A mix of crafty stuff.  There are decorative strips (great for my card making), felt leaves and some brads which are heart shaped. 
Thank you Tash.

Right must go and finish the second pair of dinosaur mittens!  

Thanks for stopping by and sees yer tomorrow...............
Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Blimey, two posts in two days, are you okay?

Great goodies esp those huge choccie buttons!!

Sam xx

Helen said...

great gifts, I too like the look of the choccy buttons!

Chicken Licken said...

I saw the sticky notes looked a bit like knitting....had to be! Glad you are enjoying still.