Thursday, 12 December 2013

DAY 12

Today has seen me sitting in my dining room with a quilt around my legs knitting kitten mittens!    Ron went off for a walk and left me in the lovely peace and quiet.  Got the mittens finished and then I started on a monkey.   Did the head and body but didn't have enough wool to do the face and hands etc.   Never mind.    I have started on a pair of "mice" mittens instead................

Here are the kittens
Aren't they adorable?

Now for DAY 12 of my advent presents.    I was ecstatic this morning when I opened this one.    I couldn't have been happier if I had picked them out myself.     So me!
Mini charm pack and lengths of fabulous ribbon.      I just love red fabric.     Must sit on my hands tho before I get the sewing machine out.........    Thank you Tasha.

I have just been told we have three bananas getting a tad old in the fruit bowl and did I want to make a cake with them tomorrow.   Course I will dear and why don't you stick a broom up me bum and I'll sweep the floor too!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Right, off to sulk now.

Sees y'all later

Burnice x


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sam21ski said...

Great to see all your fab goodies from the past few days

Sam xxx