Tuesday, 31 December 2013

DAYS 21, 22, 23 and 24

It's 9.00am and I am in my jim jams listening to the wind and rain.  I am thinking this is a waste of time so I decided to blog!!!!!   One in your eye, Sam!   
Day 21.
Busy busy busy - posted the last of the Christmas cards, making chocolate bark bars and wrapping pressies.    Milla arrived out of the blue so I had to quickly wrap her present up so she could take it off to Blackburn with her where she spent Christmas with her Grandma!   
ADVENT - Lovely red bowl with two bags of chocolate santas!    

Oh excuse me, I have just sneezed 9 times on the trot.   Oooh, sorry 11!!!!   Think that's them all now.   Oh no - 12!
DAY 22
This is the day I finally finished the backgammon mug rug and mug hug.   Took most of the day sewing all the ends in.   Was rather pleased with it and I think it was worth the effort.   
Here is a pic of the flannel
Sorry about the awful picture but I had the lights on.    I made the little box for it to go in too.   
ADVENT: A big round red candle.   Ron told Tash that there was mainly wax and not much cheese!!!!   Wally.
DAY 23.   Terrible weather, awake most of the night.   Really worried about this massive tree that is a neighbour's garden.   It's a huge fir tree and leans slightly towards my cabin which is where it will land if it comes down...................... 
I did have some visitors that day.    Tash came over to make some bunting for her mum, Amie (my crochet buddie) came to deliver chrissy pressies and my bestest mate, Lesley, came by on her way to pick up her hubby from his christmas drinks thingy.    Amie insisted I open one of her pressies and it was a stack of huge luggage labels.   Fab.   Also a cookie with my name on it.   Also fab!    I gave Lesley her extra pressie (the blue scarf).   We had a spot of lunch, Tash went to pic up offspring at railways stations which left Amie and Lesley. They were like a pair of kids.    They had never met before and they got on really well.   In danger of a breakaway group me thinks................   
ADVENT.    I opened this with Tash in the cabin.    It is the most gorgeous metal birdie.
Isn't it great?
DAY 24
Ron and I went shopping to try and find some orange and lemon jelly slices for Peter and Kristofer.   They had mentioned that the jellies reminded them of a childhood Christmas. So off we went in search.   Lesley had suggested we try the pound shop.  Well there are three in Brighton.   First one, nothing.  Second one, nothing.   Then went on a mission along Western Road to the third one and BINGO.   So we bought three boxes.   Two for them and one for us.    You should have seen Kris's face!!!!!!   Ron and I were a bit chuffed too!     The town was relatively empty and I bought Ron a pair of slippers - like you do.
Came home just as it started to rain.
Kris's girlfriend (she of The Fat Butcher fame) was coming down from London with all the food.    She was catching the last train!   Well that's what she thought.    She ended up getting a cab from Kentish Town to Hove - £90!       
DS1 on the other hand had also decided to go to London for the weekend.    He managed to get down as far as East Grinstead so the Lindeck Cab went on a mercy mission and picked him up.    All very fraught but we got there in the end.      
The dinner on Christmas day was fabulous.   That's tomorrow's tale!
ADVENT -   Just look at this gorgeous angel.
Isn't she delightful.    I just love her.
Well I think I had better go and get dressed, wash up (I have hoovered) and see to crocheting an little owl for Friday.    
Thank you very much for stopping by (assuming you are still awake).
Burnice x

Monday, 30 December 2013

Days 18, 19, 20

Day 18.
Oh dear - I have lapsed again!!!!   Back at work.   Started knitting a scarf for my Crochet Buddie, Amie, today.  I did it on the bus.  It was   with some fancy wool. Gave up half way to work as I dropped a stitch.  The problem being - I hear you say.  Well the problem was there were only two stitches on the flippin' needle and the whole thing started to unravel!!!!
Still I did manage to finish it at home!  
I enjoyed it so much that I made another one for my bezzie mate, Lesley.
ADVENT present:
These lovely little Christmas pegs.   Will defo use them next year!
DAY 19:
Busy doing a mug rug and mug hug for DS2's girlfriend's dad!    It's in the form of a backgammon board.   Really struggling with the changing colours.   Still it's coming along.   Pics later!
Just look at these fabulous plasters!
Couldn't turn the pic round for some reason.   Still I think you get the gist.
DAY 20.
Busy day at work - billing!   So knackered I had a glass of wine.    Totally unheard of for me!   Finished off a flannel for DS2's girlfriend's mum!
I even made a little box for it to go in.   There was also a bar of soap!
Roundabout Jelly - apples found on a roundabout apparently!!!!
Tastes yummy!
One thing left to say - VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MILLA - 13 TODAY!  Can't believe my granddaughter is 13! Tempus fugit and all that!!!!
She is apparently going into town with her mummy and daddy for a surprise!   I told her it was an audience with Justin Beiber and she went "URGGGGG!  I'd walk out!"     The weather is absolutely diabolical here today, the wind is very windy so I hope the surprise is indoors.  She was told to dress up!!!!
Well I think that will be all for today - just so as I don't bore you all too much.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DAYS 15,16,17!

Busy busy busy - chasing my own tail at the moment.
Day 15 - Sunday.   I spent the day in the cabin making Christmas cards and planning out the backgammon board flannel!!!     In the evening I made these "labels" for table presents on Christmas day.    I made a whole bundle for our secret santa at work.  Mine is from that although I have to say, I didn't realise how small it was!!!!
Advent pressie is a homemade chutney.   Apple, Sultana and Date.   This will go well with my ham, cold meat and bubble and squeak!!
Oh and I put the tree up!   

DAY 16 - Monday.   Wool arrived for the backgammon flannel.   The first pattern I drew out was 93 sts by 73sts.   A weeny bit too big me thought, so I scaled it down.   It's going to be trial and error I think so best get on with it!   Pic to follow!
I also baked a banana loaf.    The mould kinda spread a bit and Ron said if I baked a few more he could build a wall - thump!!!

It did taste lot better than it looked!
Advent pressie is two stamps.   a hummingbird and a "To/From" stamp.  Very useful!
DAY 17 - Today!   Ron has gone back to work today.  We have had a week off.   I'm going back tomorrow.  Mizzy weather.   I have washed the net curtains in the lounge and dining room.  They are now back up and the rooms are smelling quite nice!
Advent pressie is this - loving it.
Aren't they just the best.    Thank you Tasha.......

Right now I really must get off the computer and do this flannel.    Hopefully I will get it done today, that's always assuming I haven't binned it!

Sorry about the long post but thanks for stopping by anyway.
Burnice x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

DAY 14

Lovely sunny morning, then it turned all mizzy and drizzly.    I wandered up to the shop and bought my lotto tickets and just had to pass the Martletts Charity Shop and something pulled me in!    I came out with three balls of wool which I NEEDED!

I snuggled up on the sofa with my quilt and knitted another pair of mittens.  Mice this time.  The pattern did them in grey with a pink nose and black whiskers but these are for Miss Lily (the very pink quilt little lady) so I made them in pink sparkly wool instead.   Hope she likes them.

Soooooooooooooo sweet!

Advent day 14.     Tasha knows me so well, it's scary.    I just love this prezzie.    

Now there is one disappointing thing.   I only did my nails last night and I will have to wait a couple of days before I do them again.    I will put up a pic when I play.     Another dilemma, which colour to use.  There are all amazing.  Bottle green, deep red wine, midnight blue and silvery black.   Decisions, decisions.    I am a red kinda gal really but I am tempted with the green............  Watch this space.

I am making some little envelopes out of felt.   Course I am, you say.   I made 13 of them for our secret santa at work.   These are for Christmas day table presents.   I'll  put them on when they are done.

Right best get on with them then.

Burnice xx

Friday, 13 December 2013

DAY 13

Day 13 is not so bright and shiny as it has been.   It's very mizzy out there and actually coldish and dark in here - hence the tomato soup! It's the only soup I eat/drink/slurp/spill!

Ron has gone off to meet his brother in town, their monthly meeting so it's nice and peaceful here at Lindeck Lodge!      Trouble is I have been on the Wool Warehouse site and spent some pennies.    DS2 has asked me to crochet a face cloth which resembles a backgammon board.   So of course I don't have the right colours in the cotton (well I do but it's all different types!) and then decided whilst I was there I may as well get some other colours to re-do the monkey I started yesterday.............

Now some of you may remember DS2 - he who wanted me to crochet a pig for a new venture his girlfriend and her friend had gone into.   The Fat Butcher.  Now, Mr L and I have eaten at said establishment and I have to say it was not half bad.   Sharing platter we had.

Anyway he found a picture of a crocheted pig on the internet and said "this is what I want for the launch party of said Fat Butcher"    Urgggg I cried at first.   I admit it did grow on me somewhat.    I have no idea who crocheted it in the first place or who to credit for it.   There was no pattern so I just copied the picture.     Here is the finished article. Apparently it went down really well - not literally, of course, cos that would be silly!
I would like to thank the person who did this originally.

So watch this space for the backgammon flannel!!!!!

Now for my advent pressie.     Tash, you know me so well.    I just LOVE Angels.
This is a gorgeous Trumpeting Angel stamp and a Bookmark Calendar.   Never seen one of these before but I will use it in my 2014 journal which I am going to do to commemorate my 60th birthday next month.      

I may  even bore the pants of you lot with a blog journal too.    I am determined to do a photo a day anyway.  Well that's the plan!

Off to make a cuppa, finish Mouse Mittens and put the heating on cos my feet are cold (even in my new red sheepskin lined slippers).

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

DAY 12

Today has seen me sitting in my dining room with a quilt around my legs knitting kitten mittens!    Ron went off for a walk and left me in the lovely peace and quiet.  Got the mittens finished and then I started on a monkey.   Did the head and body but didn't have enough wool to do the face and hands etc.   Never mind.    I have started on a pair of "mice" mittens instead................

Here are the kittens
Aren't they adorable?

Now for DAY 12 of my advent presents.    I was ecstatic this morning when I opened this one.    I couldn't have been happier if I had picked them out myself.     So me!
Mini charm pack and lengths of fabulous ribbon.      I just love red fabric.     Must sit on my hands tho before I get the sewing machine out.........    Thank you Tasha.

I have just been told we have three bananas getting a tad old in the fruit bowl and did I want to make a cake with them tomorrow.   Course I will dear and why don't you stick a broom up me bum and I'll sweep the floor too!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Right, off to sulk now.

Sees y'all later

Burnice x


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DAY 11

Day 11 has been a very sunny day today.  We went food shopping in the morning with the intent of popping into Matalan for a nosy around. We did a silly - we bought some frozen stuff and then realised we couldn't stay long in Matalan cos the ice cream would melt.  Now I know I like it runny but not runny runny!    We perhaps should have gone to Matalan first!!!!   Still hopefully saved ourselves a couple of quid!

This afternoon I finished the kitten mittens - now just have to put the finishing touches on them.   I will have to wait until tomorrow now as they are black and I can't see it very well in the night light.

Now for my advent pressie.   Just have a look at these -
I have lovely toastie feet.   Aren't they fab.  Thank you Tasha.      I am really loving this advent stuff - have I mentioned that before?

Right must fly now cos I have dinner to get and I need a cuppa.    

Please pop back tomorrow.

Thanks Burnice x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DAY 10

Well, day 10 was a great big challenge for me.    We ('im and I) were watching a film last night and I look at the clock and it's 1.00am.   Oooh I said to 'im "it's day 10 now, can i open my present?"   "NO!" he said.    After much oh can I'ing and awww pleeeese, he still said NO so I had to go to bed to stop myself.    Therefore, I didn't see the end of the film. So if there is anyone out there who can tell me the ending of Rising Sun (starring Sean Connery) then I would be grateful.  I'm not going to ask 'im cos that would be admitting I did go to bed to stop me from opening my pressie!   I told 'im I wasn't bothered about the film!
Anyway I did wait until this morning and this is today's pressie....
Paper Chains.    They so remind me of my childhood.      Milla and I will have great fun making the paper chains.   Thanks Tash.
Ooooh see yer tomorrow folks cos The Mentalist is on in a mo and I have to have my weekly fix of Patrick Jane, he's gorgeous.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice xx

Monday, 9 December 2013

DAY 9.

Here we are with day 9.
These are right up my street.   I may have to keep them away from Milla.  Thanks Tash.   

I also wanted to show you these gorgeous little mittens I have made.    
These were such fun to knit.   The colour didn't come out too good on the photo tho, the actual mitten was emerald green and the spines were lime green.   
They were such fun that I made these ones too....

I am in the process of making the kitten ones but they are done in black and my eyesight is not too good with black and artificial light, so they get done during the day.

Right off now to try and design a quilted placemat to resemble a backgammon board whilst watching Corrie.     ~Wish me luck.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

DAYS 5,6,7 AND 8

It's me again!!!
I am soooo enjoying this advent pressie receiving.   I hope Linda and Tash are feeling the same.
Here are the next four offerings.   After today it will be one a day!
270 Sticky Notes - that should keep me going!   They are just sooooooooooo cute.
8 reels of decorative tape.   Aren't they fabulous.    I have a Smash Book so these will come in very handy.
Just look at the size of these buttons.   That's a 10p piece.   I have to say the do taste rather delicious.    Not many left!
A mix of crafty stuff.  There are decorative strips (great for my card making), felt leaves and some brads which are heart shaped. 
Thank you Tash.

Right must go and finish the second pair of dinosaur mittens!  

Thanks for stopping by and sees yer tomorrow...............
Burnice x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

IT'S CHRISTMAS - Well 7 days in!!!!

My Cabin Buddies Linda and Tash and I decided  (way back in the summer) to do an Advent Christmas pressie thingy.   Linda and I did it a couple of years ago (if my old blog readers are reading this!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.    Well My DH did the draw (very professional) and Linda buys for Tash, Tash buys for me and I buy for Linda.     I had a great time finding things for each day and had it in my head (which was at that time void of any projects) to make tons of stuff.   Then, as if the project demon heard me, I got bogged down with projects.   Amigarumi took over my life, so did a quilt I made for my bessie mate's granddaughter (I'll post that after christmas), secret santa labels for work, felt decorations, knitted mittens, knitted fingerless gloves with a flap, crocheted cowls, crocheted cushions for work etc etc etc...............

Well, the next think I know it's middle of November and I still have 8 pressies to get.  Burn is now panicking somewhat.   I did manage it tho, just!!!!!

December 2nd arrives (our Cabin night) and it's all very exciting.    I made a yule log which was not one of my best efforts.  I made some chocolate slabs using a mould from Lakeland (they were lurverly!).    Christmas decs up - and now I wait.        Tash arrives with a fabulous box of goodies (aaaalllllll miiiiiiinnnnnne!) done up with florist cellophane and a fabulous gold bow.     Then we wait for Linda, and wait, and wait.    Linda has got held up in traffic.   A very nasty accident on the A27.    She finally arrives and we get down to it.      There are sausage rolls, mince pies and ice cream (I ate the tub all bar two biggish scoops that Linda and Tash had!).   

We decide to open days 1 and 2.   There is much anticipation.  
This is my Day 1.    An advent candle.    I found this gorgeous Christmas Rose candle stick collar in my cupboard and which I think goes brilliantly with the colours of the candle. Thanks Tasha.

This is day 2.   Sorry about the quality of the pic.   It's duct tape which Tasha bought in the States when she was there in August.
Why don't we have such pretty duct tape?

Day 3.  Cupcake cases.    Burnice just loves cupcakes.   

Day 4.   A bag.
This is brilliant.   It starts out life as a rose and morphs into a shopping bag.   

We also gave gifts to our "not advent person", it was all very exciting.

I think I have probably bored you all silly for the time being so I will post the rest tomorrow and I will have day 8 then too.