Friday, 13 December 2013

DAY 13

Day 13 is not so bright and shiny as it has been.   It's very mizzy out there and actually coldish and dark in here - hence the tomato soup! It's the only soup I eat/drink/slurp/spill!

Ron has gone off to meet his brother in town, their monthly meeting so it's nice and peaceful here at Lindeck Lodge!      Trouble is I have been on the Wool Warehouse site and spent some pennies.    DS2 has asked me to crochet a face cloth which resembles a backgammon board.   So of course I don't have the right colours in the cotton (well I do but it's all different types!) and then decided whilst I was there I may as well get some other colours to re-do the monkey I started yesterday.............

Now some of you may remember DS2 - he who wanted me to crochet a pig for a new venture his girlfriend and her friend had gone into.   The Fat Butcher.  Now, Mr L and I have eaten at said establishment and I have to say it was not half bad.   Sharing platter we had.

Anyway he found a picture of a crocheted pig on the internet and said "this is what I want for the launch party of said Fat Butcher"    Urgggg I cried at first.   I admit it did grow on me somewhat.    I have no idea who crocheted it in the first place or who to credit for it.   There was no pattern so I just copied the picture.     Here is the finished article. Apparently it went down really well - not literally, of course, cos that would be silly!
I would like to thank the person who did this originally.

So watch this space for the backgammon flannel!!!!!

Now for my advent pressie.     Tash, you know me so well.    I just LOVE Angels.
This is a gorgeous Trumpeting Angel stamp and a Bookmark Calendar.   Never seen one of these before but I will use it in my 2014 journal which I am going to do to commemorate my 60th birthday next month.      

I may  even bore the pants of you lot with a blog journal too.    I am determined to do a photo a day anyway.  Well that's the plan!

Off to make a cuppa, finish Mouse Mittens and put the heating on cos my feet are cold (even in my new red sheepskin lined slippers).

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

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Linda said...

Gorgeous angels! Looking forward to seeing your photo a day next year.