Monday, 30 December 2013

Days 18, 19, 20

Day 18.
Oh dear - I have lapsed again!!!!   Back at work.   Started knitting a scarf for my Crochet Buddie, Amie, today.  I did it on the bus.  It was   with some fancy wool. Gave up half way to work as I dropped a stitch.  The problem being - I hear you say.  Well the problem was there were only two stitches on the flippin' needle and the whole thing started to unravel!!!!
Still I did manage to finish it at home!  
I enjoyed it so much that I made another one for my bezzie mate, Lesley.
ADVENT present:
These lovely little Christmas pegs.   Will defo use them next year!
DAY 19:
Busy doing a mug rug and mug hug for DS2's girlfriend's dad!    It's in the form of a backgammon board.   Really struggling with the changing colours.   Still it's coming along.   Pics later!
Just look at these fabulous plasters!
Couldn't turn the pic round for some reason.   Still I think you get the gist.
DAY 20.
Busy day at work - billing!   So knackered I had a glass of wine.    Totally unheard of for me!   Finished off a flannel for DS2's girlfriend's mum!
I even made a little box for it to go in.   There was also a bar of soap!
Roundabout Jelly - apples found on a roundabout apparently!!!!
Tastes yummy!
One thing left to say - VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MILLA - 13 TODAY!  Can't believe my granddaughter is 13! Tempus fugit and all that!!!!
She is apparently going into town with her mummy and daddy for a surprise!   I told her it was an audience with Justin Beiber and she went "URGGGGG!  I'd walk out!"     The weather is absolutely diabolical here today, the wind is very windy so I hope the surprise is indoors.  She was told to dress up!!!!
Well I think that will be all for today - just so as I don't bore you all too much.
Thanks for stopping by!

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sam21ski said...

Hehehehe - knew you'd not be able to keep it up - lol

Happy New Year hope you have a wonderful start to 2014

Sam xxx