Tuesday, 31 December 2013

DAYS 21, 22, 23 and 24

It's 9.00am and I am in my jim jams listening to the wind and rain.  I am thinking this is a waste of time so I decided to blog!!!!!   One in your eye, Sam!   
Day 21.
Busy busy busy - posted the last of the Christmas cards, making chocolate bark bars and wrapping pressies.    Milla arrived out of the blue so I had to quickly wrap her present up so she could take it off to Blackburn with her where she spent Christmas with her Grandma!   
ADVENT - Lovely red bowl with two bags of chocolate santas!    

Oh excuse me, I have just sneezed 9 times on the trot.   Oooh, sorry 11!!!!   Think that's them all now.   Oh no - 12!
DAY 22
This is the day I finally finished the backgammon mug rug and mug hug.   Took most of the day sewing all the ends in.   Was rather pleased with it and I think it was worth the effort.   
Here is a pic of the flannel
Sorry about the awful picture but I had the lights on.    I made the little box for it to go in too.   
ADVENT: A big round red candle.   Ron told Tash that there was mainly wax and not much cheese!!!!   Wally.
DAY 23.   Terrible weather, awake most of the night.   Really worried about this massive tree that is a neighbour's garden.   It's a huge fir tree and leans slightly towards my cabin which is where it will land if it comes down...................... 
I did have some visitors that day.    Tash came over to make some bunting for her mum, Amie (my crochet buddie) came to deliver chrissy pressies and my bestest mate, Lesley, came by on her way to pick up her hubby from his christmas drinks thingy.    Amie insisted I open one of her pressies and it was a stack of huge luggage labels.   Fab.   Also a cookie with my name on it.   Also fab!    I gave Lesley her extra pressie (the blue scarf).   We had a spot of lunch, Tash went to pic up offspring at railways stations which left Amie and Lesley. They were like a pair of kids.    They had never met before and they got on really well.   In danger of a breakaway group me thinks................   
ADVENT.    I opened this with Tash in the cabin.    It is the most gorgeous metal birdie.
Isn't it great?
DAY 24
Ron and I went shopping to try and find some orange and lemon jelly slices for Peter and Kristofer.   They had mentioned that the jellies reminded them of a childhood Christmas. So off we went in search.   Lesley had suggested we try the pound shop.  Well there are three in Brighton.   First one, nothing.  Second one, nothing.   Then went on a mission along Western Road to the third one and BINGO.   So we bought three boxes.   Two for them and one for us.    You should have seen Kris's face!!!!!!   Ron and I were a bit chuffed too!     The town was relatively empty and I bought Ron a pair of slippers - like you do.
Came home just as it started to rain.
Kris's girlfriend (she of The Fat Butcher fame) was coming down from London with all the food.    She was catching the last train!   Well that's what she thought.    She ended up getting a cab from Kentish Town to Hove - £90!       
DS1 on the other hand had also decided to go to London for the weekend.    He managed to get down as far as East Grinstead so the Lindeck Cab went on a mercy mission and picked him up.    All very fraught but we got there in the end.      
The dinner on Christmas day was fabulous.   That's tomorrow's tale!
ADVENT -   Just look at this gorgeous angel.
Isn't she delightful.    I just love her.
Well I think I had better go and get dressed, wash up (I have hoovered) and see to crocheting an little owl for Friday.    
Thank you very much for stopping by (assuming you are still awake).
Burnice x


Linda said...

love the backgammon mug rug :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love all the little pieces of Christmas happiness in the late two posts.