Saturday, 23 January 2010

Birthday cards !

I think they have dried up now !!!! I got another one today and a little pressie - thanks Tash! Below are the ones I received from my forum buddies at Lotstodo! I have put their names on the card - I think if you click on the image you can see them. Thanks guys. They are all soooo different.
The next batch are from my other friends....... The blue heart hanger was from Tasha which arrived today. Again aren't they just so different.

Thanks very much peeps!

Right best go and get ready now cos we are off to test drive a Nissan Note......

thanks for looking

Burn x


Lesley said...

Nice little collection there Burn!
Lesley x

sam21ski said...

Well done you xxxx

lesleyanne said...

what beautiful cards you got
thanks for visiting my blog
it was cosmo cricket i was using
lesley x