Monday, 11 January 2010

It's my birthday (and anniversary!)

Evenin' all. As you can see it's my birthday today. We have been married for 35 years today too. We got married on my 21st. Seemed like a good idea at the time! I got home from work to these:
Isn't he sweet! A complete surprise - I can tell you.
My mate Freda left me a pressie and a card on 2 January (when I last saw her) and I put in the lounge and I didn't even peek at it. I opened it this morning - cos it's my birthday - did I mention this before - sorry - this is what I found:

Isn't that brill. It's by "Red Herring". Just loving the necklace. She gave me that too. I had some lovely card from my forum buddies. I had some money from my bezzy bezzy mate. Apparently I still have some goodies to come from peeps who couldn't get to me and stuff that's in the Royal Mail system. Think this birthday may last a while eh!

Right off to watch Corrie now.

Keep safe folks

Burnice x


Emma said...

Awh Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary Burnice. I already knew from a little birdie called Lesley over at her new place :D

Wishing you all the happiness on your doubly special day :D

Clair said...

I do hope you've had a wonderful day...hopefully we'll meet up 'in real life' very soon xxx

Thanks for the tip about the quilt show btw... are you going?

Clair xxx

Burnice said...

Thanks girls. Day nearly over now.
Clair - course I am, wouldn't miss it for the world. Perhaps we can meet up there.

Burnice x

sue law said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary Burn! Lovely flowers too!

Linda Elbourne said...

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday deeeeeearrrrrr Buuuuuuuurn ... Happy Birthday to you!
I sang that in my bestest singing voice ... oh and ...
Happpppppppppy Anniversary ... I did n't sing that :0)

Burnice said...

Thanks peeps and thank you Linda for that lovely rendition. Heard it from here!

Burnice x

Donna said...

I knew it was your birthday but I didn't know about your anniversary!! Happy Anniversary (a day late.)

Linda said...

Sorry the snow kept me away! (I knew I should have posted your card!!) Just LOVE that bag from Freda!!!

mommabear said...

Great flowers lucky you and groovy bag