Saturday, 9 January 2010

Peter's birthday

Evenin' all. Just thought I would show you the card I made for DS1. He is 31 today! Not one of my better efforts but really like this stamp. I used my trusty copics to colour it in.

Bit knackered today. Ron and I went into town yesterday (after waiting an hour for a bus!) and met Kris and Joyce (who is supposed to be going back to Miami tomorrow - wonder what her chances are!) to say goodbye to Joyce. How we were going to get home we had no idea - certainly not by bus cos our bus only went half way and we had to get another bus into town. Met them in a pub and then decided to eat. I had fish and chips with the fish in Ale batter. MMMMMM it was fab. Joyce had bought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Beautiful yellow roses, spider crysanths, daisies and some other stuff!!!!! Here they are:

When we left the pub we were going to get a cab (not really sure if it would have taken us all the way home) but as we were going down the road a bus came along that was going along the seafront. We decided to jump on it, get off at Rottingdean and then walk from their to home. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We got off the bus at 18.40 and got home at 19.51. I was nearly crying my legs were sooooo sore and my knees were sooooo cold. I did have tights, tracky bottoms, two pairs of socks, leg warmers, walking boots, scarf, gloves and me big quilty coat. Ron was carrying my flowers!!!! Got up this morning and my hips hurt sooo much!!!! Well it did seem like a good idea at the time !

Didn't get to the Craft Barn to see Kim Piggott cos it snowed quite a bit last night. Went up into the cabin for about 4 hours and came down in a blizzard!!!

Right gotta go, watching "Do you think you can dance" or whatever it's called.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x


Linda Elbourne said...

The flowers are lovely Burn and the colouring on that card is just perfect ... no dancing along for you then ... hope you are less achy tomorrow!

Linda said...

OH Burn, Poor you! That's a long way to walk, and uphill too in all that snow and ice! Love those flowers, hope Joyce got away OK!

Zoechaos said...

Oh you poor thing sounds like a very uncomfortable walk at least Ron took good care of the flowers they looked lovely. Hope this weather breaks soon. Enjoy the dancing.

sam21ski said...

Never mind, have the day off Monday to recover!!!!

Donna said...

The flowers are very pretty other than your long and painful walk sounds like you had a wonderful evening!! I never miss "So you think you can dance"!!!

Chicken Licken said...

Owwwww! You best rest today and get Ron to wait on you today!

Lesley said...

What gorgeous flowers! Lucky you. I hope your aches and pains don't last long. Love the card by the way!
Lesley x