Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in!

Me and many many others. It started about 7.30 last night. We watched from the window folks trying to get up the slight hill and we watched them come down again. The snow was quite heavy then. Woke up this morning to this:
Went along the shop at 8.00 cos we only had a little milk and the shelves were empty but for a two pinta organic milk so I had to get that. Not a loaf of bread in sight.

There were loads of cars parked on the pavement down the road where they were abandoned last night and quite a few on the corner.

Ron has just taken this pic of me! Not very flattering but it is snowing and my dad always said "to keep warm and dry you have to look a prat!" So far be it from me to disappoint!

The statue we call Mary - bet she is bloomin' freezing, bless her!

Was going up in the cabin but can't be bothered - he he he!

We have just realised that we don't have the heating on!!!!! Three cheers for cavity wall installation!

Right off to look for a board book now...........

Keep safe.

Burnice x


Linda Elbourne said...

A great picture ... the snow has just started here ... stay warm X

Lesley said...

haha!!! you look cosy........lots of snow here too - the cats slinked around the garden on their bellies..hilarious.
Lesley x

Donna said...

Maybe you should put a shawl on Mary! LOL
It would be fun to get that much snow here at least once! We may get a ice storm tomorrow, but thoses are no fun!!! Stay warm my friend!!!

sam21ski said...

You look cosy in your gear, I'm sure you could have made it to your cabin in those wellies!!!!

Burnice said...

I know Sam but to be honest couldn't be bothered. Looks like I may be here tomorrow too. Will go in then.
Burnice x

Linda said...

Love your snow pictures Burn! Hope it clears by next week!!!! (You think you look a prat - you should have seen me walking to work!)