Friday, 1 January 2010


Would like to start this blog wishing my fellow bloggers a very happy and prosperous new year. I would also like to thank those of you who are following me and those of you who have commented on my blog. Cheers me dears !

We had Peter, Esther, Milla, Kris and Joyce up for dinner. We did a slow roast bit of beef and the trimmings. It was delish. Milla stayed here last night and she insisted on seeing the new year in. Well, bless her, she lasted until 11.45 and then said "I have to go to bed". We persuaded her to try and stick it out for the last 15 mins and she did with her head on my lap wrapped in a blanket. As soon as the chimes started she got off my lap and went to bed. I had to wake her at 10.30 this morning !!!!! She told her mum and dad that we (me and her) had one and a half bottles of wine, starting at tea time !!!! The wine was Schloer !!! She did almost another bottle today!

I put together one of the cards I made yesterday (or was it the day before!). This is one of my new magnolia stamp club stamps using my copics. I haven't done the shading so well but may dabble with it again tomorrow. The letters are those doodlebug ones that have sticky on both sides so I sprinkled some coppery/bronzy glitter on to them. Really like these. Never used them before but now realise how useful they are. Got them in C&H Fabrics on their sale table. May have to go and get some more! The wings are coloured with my new Spica glitter pens. Hope you like it.
This is a close of up her.

I just think she is so much fun .

Once again - Happy New Year folks.

Burnice x


Chicken Licken said...

Happy New Year Hun!! Great colouring....she just needs a mouth!!!!!

Burnice said...

You're obviously not a believer - cos she has a mouth !!!
Burn x

sam21ski said...

I see you've got your labels nesties!!!!

Lesley said...

I agree with Tash - she has no mouth and is somewhat spooky LOL!
Lovely colouring though Burn!
That Milla is a sweetie!
Happy New Year.
Lesley x

Burnice said...

yep Sam, got me labels. Ordered number 1 from the states!
Lesley you need to believe!
Burnice x

Donna said...

I'm not seeing a mouth, but she's cute anyway!!!

Burnice said...

You're not looking hard enough Donna ! Burn x

mommabear said...

Soooo cute love the bright colour