Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tilda's got a face!!!

When I was playing with the magnolias and distress inks I stamped her out a few times using different inks. Two of the inks were no good because as soon as I put the distress ink on the image the ink ran. Kris came up into the cabin whilst I was painting some and he said they looked wierd cos they have no mouths. So he got a very fine pen and drew a mouth on one and a mouth and nose on the other. Here is the result.......
Cute aren't they. Don't panic folks, I won't be putting faces on any more! Just thought I would share this with you.
We have had a little dusting of snow again. Getting fed up with it now. I have to make up 10 hours for the time I had off.
Bit of a short post tonight, bit tired. Been up in the cabin and had a little play. Will post the fruits of my labours tomorrow. Ron just making me a cuppa, then check lotto numbers and then beddy byes!
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x


Donna said...

Oh I love the expressions, so cute!!

Chicken Licken said...

Now they look ok with mouths! Sooooo much better than without! I prefer the one with a nose too..dare I say even I almost LIKE her!!!!!
(Ducks as all the Tilda fans throw stuff!!)

sam21ski said...

WOW what a vast improvement, especially the one on the left, a nose and a mouth, whatever next xxxx

Joy said...

Ron did a good job but I'm glad your staying with the original as I am a huge Tilda fan xx

Burnice said...

Me too Joy but it was DS2, Kris, who did the faces. Ron would have mullered it if he had got hold of a pen!!!
Burn x

Lesley said...

They look so much nicer with mouths - spooky little people.
Lesley x

Treacle said...

Aaaaaarrrrggggg noooooo they shouldn't have mouths lol.

It was lovely seeing you today i've popped your blog in my favs so I can keep up with all your goings on