Thursday, 28 January 2010

Answer to Tash's question on the word book.....

Okay now - the word "BABY" is a Bo Bunny word book. The link is me just googling! I got mine from QVC! These come in chipboard form. I trace round the letters onto mountboard so I always have a template.

The little words books/albums are More than Words key chain books from "Colour my World" (again I just googled!). These are about 1 1/2 inches high. They come in a set of about four. You get appropriate words for each theme - i.e. Birthday comes with PARTY, CAKE, FUN and WISH (I think!). I also have Wedding which has BRIDE, GROOM, AMOUR, CHURCH and may be I(heart)YOU. Can't really remember (I'm at work you see!). I do have another set with the words WISH, LOVE, HUGS and something else. Oooh the memory is not as good as it used to be. Anyway the Craft Barn sells them too.

Again I trace round the letters onto chipboard (mountboard is too thick to cut so intricately!).

I then cover them with paper and embellish as appropriate!

Hope that helps............

Burnice x

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back again!

Been busy in the cabin. Trouble is most of what I am doing is birthday cards and little pressies, word books and challenges.

This is a little mini word book I have made for my hairdresser/BSL buddy!!!
The paper is from the Pocket of Posies pad from K & Co.

This next one is for a colleague at work who has just become a grandma. I have known Lesley for about 36 years!! The papers are called Bohemia (really old!). I think they are from My Minds Eye but am not 100% sure.
I am making another one for friends of Lesley's son who have had a little girl. Will blog that when it's done.
I have made loads of birthday cards and little pressies for February so will blog them too as Feb goes on.
The wonderful Zoe sent me some grungepaper to have a go at the super roses that Linda makes. Thank you very much Zoe it was very kind of you. I also went on to Artistic Stamper and bought the "dashy dot solid" set to make the flower with. Can't wait to have a go at this. I also bought a "dressmakers" set of stamps. Naughty Burn.
Right just done a massive yawn so best go and get ready for beddy byes!!!!
Night night
Thanks for popping by,
Burn x

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Birthday cards !

I think they have dried up now !!!! I got another one today and a little pressie - thanks Tash! Below are the ones I received from my forum buddies at Lotstodo! I have put their names on the card - I think if you click on the image you can see them. Thanks guys. They are all soooo different.
The next batch are from my other friends....... The blue heart hanger was from Tasha which arrived today. Again aren't they just so different.

Thanks very much peeps!

Right best go and get ready now cos we are off to test drive a Nissan Note......

thanks for looking

Burn x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pink and Brown....

Had a bit of a pink and brown session in the cabin last night! I made this little 'book' for a colleague at work. It was her birthday last Friday!! The letters are from "colour my world" words. The "L" is and "E"; the "I" is from Wish and the "S" is from Wish and the "A" is from Cake!!!! I love these little words!
I gave it to her today and she liked it very much. I think it is cute!

Then I found the other "distressed" Tilda and made a card. I can't remember the pad the paper came from - It's either, Bailey or Roam from K & Co. Must make more notes before I come down!!!
The prima flowers were spritzed with candy apple red and antique gold (is that right Linda!). The red flower was originally cream and the other one was a bright green to begin with.
Been to BSL tonight. Had an examine in two weeks but it has been postponed until 4 March cos of the two weeks we lost with the snow. Phew!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Burnice x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tilda's got a face!!!

When I was playing with the magnolias and distress inks I stamped her out a few times using different inks. Two of the inks were no good because as soon as I put the distress ink on the image the ink ran. Kris came up into the cabin whilst I was painting some and he said they looked wierd cos they have no mouths. So he got a very fine pen and drew a mouth on one and a mouth and nose on the other. Here is the result.......
Cute aren't they. Don't panic folks, I won't be putting faces on any more! Just thought I would share this with you.
We have had a little dusting of snow again. Getting fed up with it now. I have to make up 10 hours for the time I had off.
Bit of a short post tonight, bit tired. Been up in the cabin and had a little play. Will post the fruits of my labours tomorrow. Ron just making me a cuppa, then check lotto numbers and then beddy byes!
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More pressies!

Linda came yesterday for a play in the cabin last night. She bought me my birthday pressie - a bit too snowy for her to visit last Monday - look at these:
Thanks very much Linda. Can't wait to use them. I now have five - I also have Aged Mahogany. Scrummy!!!

The postman arrived today and brought me a parcel from Lesley. This is really lovely. The words on the top of the box are on the side of the mug too.
I have sooo much "angel" stuff in the cabin now I think it will have to have "Angel" in the name of it now........ Thank you very much Lesley. Loved the doodles on the jiffy bag too.


I have joined a "valentine" swap on the Lotstodo forum. Our remit was not to use any red, any hearts or the word love. I think I managed it.
The stamp is a Tanda flower set. There were other flowers around the roses but I chopped them off! I inked the card and coloured the back of the velum with the same ink, attached it with brads and coloured them with copics. Also put some organza ribbon round the stem!!! Quite pleased with how they came out.
Right, think I have bored you all enough now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Burnice x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Beautiful sunny Sunday...

... and the birds are tweeting like mad. You wouldn't think four days ago I couldn't see any grass. Mind you the grass is very lush.

Went to see Milla this morning and she gave me my birthday pressie which she picked. She gave me a clue a few weeks ago saying "it is something I would use every day but not Friday!" I asked her if it was because I didn't work on Fridays. She said it was. Then going by my track record of my 25 pressies I said "a bus pass"!! NOOOO she cried. then would tell me any more. This is what I got:
How cool is this......... It's made by Red Herring. Same colours as my bag from Freda.

This is the mouse mat! Isn't it just soooooo scrummy.
I am using the mouse right now - well not right this minute cos I'm typing but when I need to I am. The mouse just whizzes across the mat.......
Apparently, she has just been dying for me to get it. The look on her face was enough for me tho. She was beaming. I CHOSE THAT - she said about 6 times!!!!

Anyway a change now - I have been playing with colouring in my magnolia stamps with distress inks.
This was was stamped with stazon ink (Versafine was recommended by the fabulous Kim but I didn't have one of those - have most black inks but not that one!). Anyway. I used 300 gms watercolour paper and this is the result. I haven't cut her out yet.
This one was stamped with Archival black ink and using the same colour distress inks which were (if I remember rightly) aged tattered rose for their faces, frayed burlap and vintage photo for their hair and clothes, aged mahogany for the shoes and tattered rose for the socks.
The first picture is the second one I did and I think I got a bit more adventurous with that one, colourwise. I have to say I am quite pleased with the result. I feel a purchase of some new colours coming on.

Thanks for stopping by. Going up in the cabin now to finish of some challenges. Will blog them tomorrow.

Stay safe

Love Burnice x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went...

.... to London!!!!! Well The Royal Albert Hall really. The show was absolutely bloomin' amazing. Just can't begin to tell you what it was like. Far too much going on. Varekai is romany for "wherever"........
We had amazing seats - they swivelled! It was all fab. Nice hotel - crap bed tho! Bloomin tired tho. We walked from Bayswater Road to The Albert Hall. Thought we would just go through Kensington Gardens but all the gates were locked. Then we walked home but decided to go the other way round the park but walked and walked then realised we were crossing The Serpentine !!!!! Realised we were going way off track - so had to walk all the way back the RAH and then pretend we had just started off. My knees and feet were killing me!!!! Still it was worth it!!!
Just thought I would show you the brochure and tickets.

I would recommend it to anyone - can you tell we enjoyed it!!!

Been playing in the cabin today - doing some colouring in with distress inks instead of copics. Not too bad for a first attempt. Will show you tomorrow. Very tired - just got in from a meal with my stitch club girls. Went for a Thai. Took some pics of that too but on my other camera.

Off to bed now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hurray it's 14 January 2010

He he he he. The snow has all but gone from the roads, it's raining and foggy here. The buses are passing the door (!) so we can go to London!

I am soooooooooo excited. We can go to The Albert Hall. Right now Burn, calm down. I am nearly ready and then we will be off.

Have to go to a shop in Brighton first to change a top (need a bigger size). The one I bought makes my boobs look like they belong to Jordan!!! Then pop into the office to drop off a birthday card and then walk up Queens Road to the station. Oooooooh can you tell I'm excited.

I will be back tomorrow with my tale. No doubt something will go wrong so Sue watch this space!!!

Off to have a shower now.


Burnice x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Just a quickie tonight!

Thought you might like to see the card I made for hubby of 35 years!!!
Isn't it cute. Ron said he liked his "suit"! I think the paper is from the K & Co winter wonderland pad. The image is a Rachelle Ann Miller stamp and coloured with copics.

I booked two places for the Artsycrafts weekend in May. I am going to the first one 8/9 May. Going up on the 7th. Really excited. I have made a list of all the places I am going to and all the things I am doing before that weekend, ticking them off and before I know where I am it'll be 7 May. I am going with my crafty work colleague, Caroline. I think she is just as excited as me. Won't be long - only four months ................

Right a confession now - I expect I have just upset me new found artsy friend, Linda. I said I would be going on the 2nd weekend at the end of May but I'm sorry Linda, Caroline couldn't make that weekend. Hope you're not too angry.

Watching survivors on the tele - isn't bloomin' rubbish. OH thinks it's fab. I think it's boring. There is not one single bit of crafting in it!

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burn x

Monday, 11 January 2010

It's my birthday (and anniversary!)

Evenin' all. As you can see it's my birthday today. We have been married for 35 years today too. We got married on my 21st. Seemed like a good idea at the time! I got home from work to these:
Isn't he sweet! A complete surprise - I can tell you.
My mate Freda left me a pressie and a card on 2 January (when I last saw her) and I put in the lounge and I didn't even peek at it. I opened it this morning - cos it's my birthday - did I mention this before - sorry - this is what I found:

Isn't that brill. It's by "Red Herring". Just loving the necklace. She gave me that too. I had some lovely card from my forum buddies. I had some money from my bezzy bezzy mate. Apparently I still have some goodies to come from peeps who couldn't get to me and stuff that's in the Royal Mail system. Think this birthday may last a while eh!

Right off to watch Corrie now.

Keep safe folks

Burnice x

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Peter's birthday

Evenin' all. Just thought I would show you the card I made for DS1. He is 31 today! Not one of my better efforts but really like this stamp. I used my trusty copics to colour it in.

Bit knackered today. Ron and I went into town yesterday (after waiting an hour for a bus!) and met Kris and Joyce (who is supposed to be going back to Miami tomorrow - wonder what her chances are!) to say goodbye to Joyce. How we were going to get home we had no idea - certainly not by bus cos our bus only went half way and we had to get another bus into town. Met them in a pub and then decided to eat. I had fish and chips with the fish in Ale batter. MMMMMM it was fab. Joyce had bought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Beautiful yellow roses, spider crysanths, daisies and some other stuff!!!!! Here they are:

When we left the pub we were going to get a cab (not really sure if it would have taken us all the way home) but as we were going down the road a bus came along that was going along the seafront. We decided to jump on it, get off at Rottingdean and then walk from their to home. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We got off the bus at 18.40 and got home at 19.51. I was nearly crying my legs were sooooo sore and my knees were sooooo cold. I did have tights, tracky bottoms, two pairs of socks, leg warmers, walking boots, scarf, gloves and me big quilty coat. Ron was carrying my flowers!!!! Got up this morning and my hips hurt sooo much!!!! Well it did seem like a good idea at the time !

Didn't get to the Craft Barn to see Kim Piggott cos it snowed quite a bit last night. Went up into the cabin for about 4 hours and came down in a blizzard!!!

Right gotta go, watching "Do you think you can dance" or whatever it's called.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday 7 - still snowed in....

No buses at all coming into Woodingdean. Another day off.......
I decided to make use of my time by doing these "moos". They are for a swap on Lotstodo forum. The theme was "green" so I recycled a piece of card that was backing some attendance notes at work, used the clock images that I stamped out at the PaperArtsy weekend and didn't use, and sprayed with lots of "firework" inks that I bought from a friend. Also I have glued on some clock parts that I bought from paperartsy! Is that recycled enough !!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would just show you the view I have from my cabin. It's not the front view it's the side view. The trees are in the gardens of the two houses next door (if that makes sense!) The big fir tree top right is a massive tree that is in the garden behind us. Just hope it never gets blown down cos it will land on me cabin !!!!!
As I was coming indoors I spotted these icicles hanging from the front. There were some at the back which were really long and much better but the photo was a bit blurred. These ones are melting a bit.
I hope the roads get cleared soon 'cos I want to go to the Craft Barn on Saturday to see Kim Piggott who is doing a demo with the Magnolia stamps. She paints them with her distress inks and they are sooooooooo beautiful.
Right best go and get dinner.
Keep save guys.
Burnice x

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in!

Me and many many others. It started about 7.30 last night. We watched from the window folks trying to get up the slight hill and we watched them come down again. The snow was quite heavy then. Woke up this morning to this:
Went along the shop at 8.00 cos we only had a little milk and the shelves were empty but for a two pinta organic milk so I had to get that. Not a loaf of bread in sight.

There were loads of cars parked on the pavement down the road where they were abandoned last night and quite a few on the corner.

Ron has just taken this pic of me! Not very flattering but it is snowing and my dad always said "to keep warm and dry you have to look a prat!" So far be it from me to disappoint!

The statue we call Mary - bet she is bloomin' freezing, bless her!

Was going up in the cabin but can't be bothered - he he he!

We have just realised that we don't have the heating on!!!!! Three cheers for cavity wall installation!

Right off to look for a board book now...........

Keep safe.

Burnice x

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Evenin' all!

I have had another productive day in the cabin. I made a few of these cards:

The inspiration for this easel card is from a christmas card I got from a Tanda forum buddy, Sue Law.
I have made a couple of them, can't stop!!! Trouble is my photo taking skills are sorely lacking at the moment. My photo's are coming out quite blurred. I shall try again with the other cards.

This is a close up of the front panel. It's a stampin' up set - and oldish one I think - with some gold stickles and my new Spica pens.
I have just done a ton of ironing and am absolutely knackered !!!
Back to work tomorrow. Best have an early night !
Burnice x

Friday, 1 January 2010


Would like to start this blog wishing my fellow bloggers a very happy and prosperous new year. I would also like to thank those of you who are following me and those of you who have commented on my blog. Cheers me dears !

We had Peter, Esther, Milla, Kris and Joyce up for dinner. We did a slow roast bit of beef and the trimmings. It was delish. Milla stayed here last night and she insisted on seeing the new year in. Well, bless her, she lasted until 11.45 and then said "I have to go to bed". We persuaded her to try and stick it out for the last 15 mins and she did with her head on my lap wrapped in a blanket. As soon as the chimes started she got off my lap and went to bed. I had to wake her at 10.30 this morning !!!!! She told her mum and dad that we (me and her) had one and a half bottles of wine, starting at tea time !!!! The wine was Schloer !!! She did almost another bottle today!

I put together one of the cards I made yesterday (or was it the day before!). This is one of my new magnolia stamp club stamps using my copics. I haven't done the shading so well but may dabble with it again tomorrow. The letters are those doodlebug ones that have sticky on both sides so I sprinkled some coppery/bronzy glitter on to them. Really like these. Never used them before but now realise how useful they are. Got them in C&H Fabrics on their sale table. May have to go and get some more! The wings are coloured with my new Spica glitter pens. Hope you like it.
This is a close of up her.

I just think she is so much fun .

Once again - Happy New Year folks.

Burnice x