Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Here she is - all pleased with herself !!!! She and six friends are off to pizza express this evening and then back to hers for a sleepover ! God help her parents that's all I can say!
I made this card (along with six others) in the cabin yesterday. Bit blurred - sorry - but it's gone in the post now. I used a piece of metal and stamped one of my new stamps from Magenta and embossed it. I then coloured it in with me copics.
Close up of the metal piece.
Quite pleased with the result.
Just taken delivery of some distress stickles from The Glitter Pot and some more (like I need them) Sprites Flowers.
I now have t'internet in the cabin. I couldn't use me lappy toppy up there cos the wireless signal wouldn't go that far. Peter bought us a plug in connection thingy and it works a treat now. Quite speedy too. Never get any work done in there now!
Been and bought a lappy toppy mouse so Ron can use the lap top. Tried to instal a wireless one yesterday and everything went pear shaped. Had to reinstall system. Still got an ASDA one for £5, plugged it in and away we go! We have two main computers in the house and both of them had their switches go within a day of each other. He can't use the touch pad mouse cos he is a bit heavy handed.
Right off I go now, cos I have been brought a cuppa.
Have a good rest of day folks.
Burnice x


sam21ski said...


Enjoy your pizza and friends sleeping over

Happy New Year to you all - Sam xxx

Chicken Licken said...

Oooo lush card! And a Happy Birthday to Milla! Hope Mum and Dad have ear plugs!!! x

Shairon said...

Beautiful card Burnice and a gorgeous grand-daughter. You must be sooooo proud!

mommabear said...

Fab card Burn love the colour