Friday, 2 October 2009


....when you get a Jodie Tub Sofie and free matching chair from Homebase - that's when!! Burn woke up all excited this morning (nothing to do with OH!!!!) because she had the little sofa coming for the big cabin. Got a phone call at 8.15 to say they would be 45 mins or so. Oooh she thinks. Well 10.00 comes and the doorbell rings. YAYEEE sofa. I opened the door and then did a double take. This delivery chap has got to be at least 6' 8" (honest) and a bit on the wide side to go with it. He ducks coming in and I sign the delivery form. He brings in the chair. Goes back to the van and brings in the sofa. Burn spots the colour through the wrapping. THAT'S NOT WINE she thinks - but steady on Burn it may be the fact that it is wrapped in plastic etc etc. Big delivery man goes away and Burn tears open the wrapping. BURN HAS A FIT. It's not wine. It's a brick red. Now don't get me wrong, I lurve red and I actually have brick red coloured stools in my kitchen, BUT I wanted wine. AND it don't stop there - it is in a completely different fabric. I thought I was having a "deck chair" type (but not as course) fabric (in wine!) but I have got a suedy type of fabric in "brick red". I apologise at this stage for all of you out there with brick red suedy type sofas but at perhaps a different stage in my life I would embrace the brick red suedy type sofa BUT NOT RIGHT NOW !!!! To compound my dilema I bought in Exeter (when I went to see my lovely friend Lesley) 4 metres of a winey/raspberry coloured fabric with white spots on it to make curtains for the cabin (more tales about that to come - I promise you!) with enough to maybe make some cushions for my WINE coloured sofa. Huh!
It is now 11.21 and I have had a cup of tea and calmed down a bit (just a bit). I have talked myself into keeping the brick red coloured sofa (even though I would have preferred the wine one!). I have decided that maybe that colour would be softer in the cabin. (ooh just had to stop there and listen to Hero by Beyonce on my Nano - just love that song). There, feeling much more mellow now. I will take some pics when it's in situ. I have an "air forcey blue" carpet in the cabin - the sofa better go with it. Oooh mellow didn't last long did it.
I have some Inkylicious craft units coming today too - they better be okay otherwise I feel a bonfire coming on!!!!!!
Well I shall love and leave you now while I go and do some boxing on the Wii to vent my frustrations.
P.S - it could only happen to me!
PPS - just a quick thank you to my FOUR followers - really excited about this blogging now. A special big thankyou to Lesley for giving me the "big up" on her blog. My next challenge is the "link".....................


sam21ski said...

Whey Hey - welcome to blogland, can't believe it's actually happened but so glad it has.

So, do we get to see a photo of this not so wine but brick red, wrong fabric sofa then????


Burnice said...

yep Ron is putting it in the cabin and I will then take a pic. Burn x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Honestly, some people are just soooo fussy!! ;o)

Like me!!!! Except that I wouldn't have accepted it.. I would be spending the day stamping my feet and insisting on the correct sofa being delivered... or oodles of compensation!

Hope you learn to love your new brick red suedy sofa.

Chris xx

Lesley said...

Oh my word Burn, after all the hype and no wine sofa - SEND IT BACK!!!! Get the wine one!!!
(Waiting for my link LOL)!
Lesley xxx

sue law said...

Burn, how frustrating!!! I guess you will have to stick with the brick now, seeing as Ron has put it in the cabin.