Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Funny thing happened on the way to Newport Pagnell.....

It all started so well. Linda arrived, we had lunch, set off and had to turn round after two seconds cos I couldn't remember closing the bathroom window (a bit paranoid after being burgled cos I left the bathroom window open - b"""""ds!). Good job we did go back cos I hadn't closed the bathroom window !!! So off we set again.

Mrs sat nav was on form and we (well Linda did) drove and drove and drove and drove. I get out my knitting (very relaxed now you see!) and am three quarters of the way up the leg warmer and then suddenly my driver said "think we might need some petrol!" "WHAT" I say. Now this might not seem a problem but we were on the M25 just before the Heathrow junction! "Don't panic" she said "we have about 30 or so miles left in the tank". "oh that's alright then" I say. "Keep your eyes open for a garage" she says. We go a bit further and Linda remarks "I definitely need petrol now". Did you know there were no garages along the M25. Burn puts her knitting down (nervous now!) and Linda makes an executive decision. We turn off the motorway and then came to a roundabout marked Uxbridge/Hayes or something like that. Well Mrs sat nav is now having an eppy so we had to turn her off cos she was driving us mad! We drive for a fair bit and then came to a junction. Decision time again. Do we go right or left. We go left and Linda said "bet the garage is the other way!" Got to the junction and as we were turning left we looked to our right and there sure enough was a bloomin' big garage !!!!! We turn round. Gave the car a lovely long drink and set off on our way again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked up me knitting cos I am relaxed again!!

Anyway I/we had an absolutely fantastic time at the "workshop". It was amazing. Learnt soooo many new techniques, used sooooooo many new products and stamps and met soooooooo many new peoples!! Had a good laugh too. Not allowed to post any images or say anything about it so as not to spoil it for those going this coming weekend. I will say this tho' "YOU WILL LOVE IT". The "thing" I made looks fantastic "in situ". Even him indoors thought so, so it can't be that bad !!!!

I will put some photos on next week.

At work so best fly.




Lesley said...

hehehehe!!!!!! It was fun wasn't it!!!
Lesley x

Linda said...


sam21ski said...

It could only happen to you!!!