Sunday, 4 October 2009


Evenin' all. I have been a very busy bee today moving my crafty stuff from my OLD craft room to my NEW craft room aka The Cabin with the help of my friend Caroline. We had to walk 90 foot from the cabin to the back door, through the kitchen, along the hall, through my bedroom and up the stairs to the old crafty place. Pick up bags and boxes etc and go back down the stairs, back through the bedroom, back along the hall, back through the kitchen and then the 90 foot to the Cabin. Caroline was a great help. Here she is sorting out the inks. We did two or three trips and then I got bored doing that. We had a few cups of tea and double choc chip cookies. Scrummy. After we tidied up a bit we then did some stamping. We (well Caroline did!) stamped out loads of magnolia images. They just need colouring in now. Don't the units look cool.

Now would you like to see the brick red not wine sofa - here it is and the chair ! Cushion looks okay though doesn't it. Sorry for the blurry chair. I don't think the chair is going to stay in the Cabin. I think it will end up in the room we are doing out for Milla (granddaughter). We'll see.
Can't quite get the pics and writing right yet - practice makes perfect.
We have had no mishaps today (lol). Mind you there is still a couple of hours before I go to me bed!
See y'all tomorrow!
Burnice x


Emma said...

Looking good Burnice - you lucky thing having that cabin as your crafty getaway.

Have fun in your new digs :D

sam21ski said...

WOW Lucky you - two craft rooms!!!

Lesley said...

Looking fab Burn and that red is not so bad!!! Maybe less dark than wine actually. How will the blinds go with it once they're made? Should be ok.
Lesley x

sue law said...

Burn, you lucky girl I am so envious! I can see why you got hooked on quilting doing that's lovely and perfect on the couch!

Linda said...

way to go Burn! Looking good!!

Joyce said...

Hello Burnice,

Thank you for sharing your blog with me. It is as adorable and funny as you are... It is nice to see the cabin (it was more of an idea when I last spoke to you. Hope you are having a great day, looking forward to reading the updates!!!



Steph said...

Wow! to have your own little craft house, how wonderful!

Great looking new blog x

Chicken Licken said...

Oooo that is looking amazing!