Friday, 23 October 2009

Flamin' Windows...........

Yep, you got it - they're leaking again. This time I completely lost it. I went absolutely mad. Got straight on the phone to Cedexx and blew a gasket. All the chap would say was could I take a photo of the water pouring in. Pillock. After a lot of me losing my rag I told him I'm going to take some pics and email them to him and suggested he came up with a suitable solution.

As you can see they are a bit on the damp side. Well after I had cleared up YET AGAIN I had a total crafting splurg. I got out my paints, grungeboard letters, precious metal paints, glimmer mists and away I went. I'll take some pics tomorrow and put them on here. I have to say I am quite pleased with myself. So all was well in the end !!

Well it was until we went to pick up a chinese (meal that is not person) and couldn't find the car keys. After a few minutes I remembered something. We had gone to Lewes to pick up the works van and we went over in the car. Burn drove the car back. Burn got out the car and took the micky out of Ron cos he was hobbling down the road - he did look funny tho! Can you guess where the keys were - yep you got it again - still in the ignition. I realised cos I couldn't remember pressing the key fob to lock it..... I have never ever done that before ! Now I can here dearest darling hubby every time I come indoors after driving the car "HAVE YOU LOCKED THE CAR AND TAKEN THE KEY OUT "! Everytime I can promise you. He will never let me forget this !!!!!

Best get on with me knitting !


sam21ski said...

Hope you get your windows sorted soon

You plonker, leaving the keys in the ignition!!!

Can't wait to see what you've made though, sounds interesting xxxx

Chicken Licken said...

What a bummer with the windows..... Hope you manage to get them sorted soon.

Lesley said...

Good grief!!!!!! (sigh...)
B....y windows!