Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Time for another story me thinks..

Well here we go. This story/epilogue happened about a year ago.................

First of all I must just say we bought a cheap old sat nav to do this journey. "Easy to use" "just turn on" were the strap lines of the advert. The instructions were on an A5 sheet of paper with pics (good job too!) but the writing was soooooo miniscule that I needed my glasses AND my crafting magnifying class (with the extra magnifiying bubble at the bottom) plus bright sunlight to ready the flamin' instructions. Plus the sat nav is Hungarian !!!! Anyway - we turn it on, put in the bits and thought we would try it out. Now logic tells me that you start from one place and finish at another so off we set. Well we just kept going round in circles with the bloody thing taking us back home all the time !!!!!! Heated discussions in the van - Burn turns it off and says "Oh £$%^ it let's just forget it!". Well we gets home and HE has another go with the machine. We put in his mums address etc and off we go. Again she (her name is Jane!) is trying to navigate us back home all the time. Well that's not strictly true some how we were going to an address is Hassocks. Discovered later that HE touched the screen so Jane thought we were changing route and off Jane directed us. Back home we go. Then a little light switch pings in Burn's head. RON STOP PUTTING IN HOME she shouts. JUST PUT IN YOUR MOTHERS POST CODE she shouts again. He then starts an argument "what the *&*& you talking about". TRUST ME shouts Burn again. The bloody GPS will pick us up when we set off and direct us to your bloody mothers you donut !!!! says Burn. After a few you don't know what you are talking about looks and the like off we set. WAHAYYYYYYYY we arrive at his mothers. We knock on the door and say - "Can't stop - just want to use the loo - we have been testing the sat nav - byeeee" and off we go again back home. PERFECT!!!
BTW that has nothing to do with Friday's trip to Weybridge but it is relevant on Saturday's trip !!!!!!!!!
We set off on Friday YOU STILL WITH ME ! It only takes 55 mins to get to the hotel. About 30 or so mins in that bloody light switch pings again !!!! Burn has left the tickets for Hampton Court behind. Don't worry she says looking at HIS thunderous face, I'll phone DS1 and he can email them to me and I can print them off at the hotel. Then spent another 10 mins explaining to HIM how this was going to happen. HE is a bit computer, scanning, emailingly challenged !! I phone DS1 and he says he will do it for us. YIPPEE - sorted. Got to hotel (sat nav just the best!) and went to our room - beautiful it was too. (The Ship).
We go out and get fish and chips at about 8.00. Sneak in the back door with the fish and chips etc and scoff them. Went out again (through the back door - cos don't forget we are still out !) to a pub, came back to hotel (through the front door this time!) went to bed. Right that's Friday - I will do Saturday tomorrow - Watch this space.
Hope you will tune in for the next episode.
I apologise to those who have already heard this story!
Well best get on with me knitting.
Burn x


Emma said...

Blinkin eck Burnice - what a funfilled adventure you've been having. I am exhausted just reading about your escapades ;D

Hope you had a little retail therapy delivered to your door today to comfort you :D

Take care and can't wait for the next enthrauling episode :D

Lesley said...

I know what's coming next.........hehe!
Lesley x