Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sad day

Burn is sad - poor Stephen Gately. I got such a shock when I heard it on the radio this morning. I just feel so sorry for his partner, family and the rest of Boyzone. No doubt it will all become clear what happened.

Anyway I completely forgot to tell you yesterday what Milla said to me. She asked me if she could do something, I said no and then she moaned saying she didn't like it here with me anymore so I said "Tuff". Then she said "you're not my nanny, you're an imposter". "What makes you say that" I asked and then in the blink of an eye she said "Cos my nanny would have said something rudder than that!" Well I just wee'd myself laughing, told her that was a good one and then as I walked passed her she held up her hand and said "Hi five!". Little angel.

I think the best one she ever said was when Kris (DS2) was putting his money into his pocket and asked him for £5. Kris then tells her he doesn't have £5 and she replied "I take switch!" All this at just under 2 years old...................................

Wonder who she takes after !!!!!!!!

Think I may have had a change of heart about the blinds, but don't hold your breath cos I may change it again !!!!!! Sorted out all the stamps - just need more sheets. Note to self - ring Tanda Stamps

I'm watching X Factor at the moment - C'MON STACEY !!!!!!!!! She is adorable and LLOYD and JOE - hedging my bets a bit here eh !

Well best get on with the knitting!

Burnice x


Lesley said...

Lovely stories of Milla. Reminds me I must find that book I'm going to write Jack's stories in LOL!
Lesley x

Linda said...

I can just imagine Milla saying that Burn! Sad about Steven Gateley:(