Friday, 30 October 2009

Next instalment...

Right here we go again!
Had a lovely breakfast - I wasn't too hungry after the fish and chips so I only had a poached egg with bacon and black pudding, toast, marmalade, two cups of tea and some orange juice
Phoned DS1 to see if he was up and had he sent the tickets. He was walking back home having got up at 8.00. He slept at his mates. Aww bless him. He takes after his mother you know - kindness and selfless personified !!!! Ron and I go and sit in the conservatory bit and read the papers. I went to the reception to see if I could print off the tickets when the email came through. Err, well, not sure she said, I will have to check with my superior. Huh, thought Burn, wasn't expecting that, I though she would said "course yer can luv!". Go back to the sofa and a nice young man came and asked us if we wanted tea or coffee. Ooh tea would be good said Burn. "You know you are going to have to pay for that" said hubby. "oh be quiet" or something like that! said Burn.
Well Peter rings to say he has sent the email to my hotmail. Burn goes to the reception and she said could I get my son to email them to the hotel reception and she will print them off for me. Go back to the sofa and me tea and me hubby and phone Peter. He says "course I can mum!!!". I go back to the reception 10 mins later - no email. We go for a walk - come back 30 mins later - no email. I phoned DS1 and he said he sent them at 10.24. It is now 11.35. Burn is getting agitated now I then say please please please can you go into my hotmail and get them from there. She reluctantly let me. I even dropped my bosses name into the conversation (after all it is his hotel and her boss too !) that went straight over her head. Stupid woman !!! Anyway to cut a long story short we get the tickets and go to Hampton Court.
We set Jane and off we go. Everything is going great - 3 mins to destination - turn right and then left - we do that and end up in a station car park. This can't be right we think so we drive out (mind you we can see hampton court from the station car park !!!). We drive out and turn left - don't know why but he's driving so we don't question it. Guess what we did - drove round in bloody circles again. Poxy sat nav. Turn her off - she was sooooo getting on our nerves "recalculating route". If she said that once she said it a hundred times !!!! We go by the road signs and end up in the bloody station car park again. Ron parks up, Burn goes and asks a nice young chappy in the station. Yep - we are in the right place. Pay £3.50 and walk over the bridge !!!! Easy peasy !!! Had a fab time at Hampton Court !!!!!!!!!! Knackered though. Well that's that bit for now so I will tell you about the evening meal later.
Hope you are not getting too bored...
Burn x

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