Saturday, 3 October 2009


I have now come to terms with the "not wine sofa" and have embraced the "brick red" one!!! All happy in the Lindeck household. In fact I have found a cushion in the same colour I made a couple of years ago that matches. If it's only for that reason, I will keep them. The cushion is the first thing I quilted and wot gave me the quilting bug!
The craft racks arrived yesterday afternoon. They are just hunky dorey - no probs with these so no bonfire tonight (anyway it's too wet for a bonfire so that would probably have pee'd me off!). Here is the link I have bought the 12x12 paper stacker, the triple ink rack, the triple multi, and a double one with ink pad storage on one side. They are fandabbydozy! Deby is a delight to chat to. Ron is going to screw them to the wall so I can fill them up. Hopefully he will do it this afternoon whilst I am at my "stitch club". I will take some pics of it all then.
Well best go and put me face on ready for my girls. Be back later.
Burnice x


Emma said...

Oooh I can't wait Bernice - I love nosing round people's craft room hee hee!

Zoechaos said...

thank you Lesley found Burn's blog yipiee more Burn and Ron tales. Belated welcome to blogland Burn gonna be fun :)

Very green about the shelves etc lucky lady and when you sit on the sofa you will not see the colour!

Burnice said...

Thanks Zoe - hadn't thought of that!
Burn x

Linda said...

Glad you've come to terms with colour of sofa! I think it is really lovely and will look fandabby dozy in there:)!

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo well done Hun! I really look forward to keeping in touch and seeing your creations! x