Monday, 12 October 2009

Definitely Roman Blinds (I think!)

Now, where do I start.. Are you sitting comfortably.....
Well, decided it was going to be Roman Blinds, pretty in cabin Burnice thought. Off she trots along Western Road lunchtime and pops into C&H Fabrics (having spent most of the weekend on the internet in Homebase and B&Q - nothing like looking at them in the flesh eh!). Didn't see any she particularly liked and then she thought "Oh sod it - lets have them made - I can afford it" (at the moment!). So off she goes to the desk. Lady behind desk doing something with a clip board and the till. Can I help the person said. "Yes" Burn said, "can you tell me how much it would cost to have four roman blinds the same size and two a different size". Have you chosen the fabric the woman said. "No" said Burn "I don't know what I want at the moment, I just want an idea as to cost". "Well I can't really price them until you chose the fabric". "Nonsense" said/thought Burn ! "you must have a job price to which you add the price of the fabric. I just want a job price, PLEASE!". She gets a folder out and asks me the size. "18 inches wide and 134cm long" (I know I used both types of measurement but I did add that the 134cm was about 48 inches long - done in me head!). She has a look in her folder and then said "£180". "ooh that's not bad thought Burnice but then Burnice nearly had a heart attack cos she hadn't finished speaking. She added "EACH". "WHAT" cried Burn (and the woman standing next to her!) "EACH?". "yes" she said "each". "I'll make my own" Burn said !!!!!! The woman then (very sarcastically) said "we sell the kits, madam!" "Shove your kits" Burn thought (didn't say it honest!). I have to say I was bloody gobsmacked!

Now - you still with me - I get home, go up to the cabin and measure the windows to get the stuff and make me own. Guess what - the doors are 18" each and the windows are 20 inches each!!!!!!!! Got that slightly wrong then eh !! Good job the woman didn't say £20 a curtain eh! I would have been in a bit of a pickle then wouldn't I?. I can buy roman blinds now and cut two inches off each end - YAYEEEEEEEEE. Still might make them tho - will get me mate Freda to help me. Trouble is it will take me a year or two to decide on the fabric whereas if I bought them ready made I can only choose from a limited number. Oh dilema, dilema, dilema.

Still might change me mind and have roller blinds cos the colour would be the same back or front..

Mind you I could have venetian - nah that will just complicate it even more and we can't cope can we fellow bloggers..........................

Well thanks for listening guys.

Best get on with my knitting.

Love Burnice xx


Emma said...

Blinkin flip Burnice - how much! If I could sew more than a button on I would do for half the price hee hee.

sue law said...

I'd go with roman blinds Burn...they are really easy to make! The only thing that can go wrong with them is that the strings break and they are always easy to replace....I always end up breaking the mechanism with rollers and they can be such a pain!

Burnice said...

Thanks Sue. Still not sure what to do!

sam21ski said...

I can't sew or make curtains and I STILL wouldn't pay that price, I'd rather go without!!!!

Yeah make em yourself, I personally like the roman blinds, now are they going to be wine or brick red - lol


Lesley said...

I think we've spoken siince this Burn!!!!!!
Lesley x

Donna said...

I would go with the Roman Blinds, that is what I want in my living room, if I could make them. But I'm not that clever!