Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Decided I would go into the Cabin tonight and sort some more stuff out. Unlocked the door, turned the light on, put me tea down ONTO A WET PATCH. The worktop was soaked AGAIN. Oh No I groaned (honest I did - surprised me too!). I picked up the phone, pressed "int 2" and when Ron answered I said "I'm leaking". The flamin' windows are letting in water AGAIN. I am sooooo pee'd off with the bloody things. I had the lovely birthday book that Lesley made me on the worktop (sorry me dear!). As you can probably guess Burn wasn't very happy. I dried everything off and Ron put MORE sealant around the window and now I would like all me blog buddies to keep their fingers crossed that it don't 'appen again!!! We had this once before but there was nothing in the cabin at the time but the carpet got soaked.

After I had tidied up I made a card - wahayyy ! Don't like it mind but at least I made one !!! Ron came up with a cup of tea and he sat in the "not wine" sofa and read his paper. We were in there for about an hour. Listening to Radio Gold and singing along to all the oldies.

I am enjoying this blogging lark. I think it is becoming a bit addictive! I can't stop blog hopping.

Right best get on with my knitting.

Burnice x


Emma said...

Hi Bernice,

I am sorry to hear you are leaking ;D and hope the hubby has sorted you out :D

If you pop by my blog and have a look at yesterday's post it might cheer you up - YOU WON a Stampin' Up! goody bag :D Email me your address and I will pop in the post for you :D



Emma x

sam21ski said...

Aww that's such a shame mate and sorry to hear that it ruined your book from Lesley too.

At least you were able to enjoy the rest of the evening on the not so wine sofa


Lesley said...

Oh Burn, what a shame. I hope the new lot of sealnt keeps out the rain!!!
I knew you'd get addicted to Gold on the radio. I love it!!!
Lesley x

Linda said...

Oh no! Hope the sealant works. LOL at the thought of you and Ron in there together!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Glad to hear the blog-hopping is so addictive. :o)

Would love to see you on my blog, sometime, Burnice. Hop my way soon, why don'tcha? (Beginning to check the pits for B.O.!! lol) ;o)

See you soon, I hope!

Chris xx

Chicken Licken said...

Awww sounds lovely! But a b****r about the wetness.

Zoechaos said...

Oh Burn what a shame! If you had the type of rain we had today it will have been a good test of the sealent - hope it passed.

Congratulations on your blog win!

Pete Murphy said...

90 foot to the back door !!!!
Sure you do not need a GPS, cos you might get lost.
Your blog page is excellent, & the photo is really good, bet your friend ain't sniling by next weekend. Keep up the good work, Petexx