Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nanny's little helper!

Well, here she is, my little helper. She has sorted out my inks - cos I didn't do it right!!! Bless her! She has also got her own crafty stuff in the cabin now! It is in a bit of a mess at the moment cos we are waiting for Ron to put the shelves up. Hopefully that won't be too long away.

My blog candy came today and I am very pleased with it. Thanks Emma. Milla said she liked it too - oh no !!!!

My friend came over this afternoon to discuss "windows" and we have decided to make some Roman blinds for the windows. Will be getting the fixings etc on Monday and then the long haul of looking for fabric. I want a coloured lining so it doesn't look odd from the outside. Wonder what tales will come forth from curtain hunting !!!!

After Freda had gone I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening sorting out my unmounted stamps into ring binders. Did about 10 of them when I then discovered I had put the pics of the stamps on the wrong side. Have to take them all off and start again. Job for tomorrow.................

Can't get these bloomin photo's right.

Off to do some more knitting.



Emma said...

Hi Burnice,

What a sweetheart your grand daughter is. Your craft cabin is looking great - good luck with the fabric hunt :D

Emma x

Zoechaos said...

Looking very tidy and organised, how handy to have someone who know show everything should be and doing it for you :)

Chicken Licken said...

Now how long will it stay that tidy???

sam21ski said...

WOW Burn, she's not so little now is she!!!! Ditto Tasha, how long will it stay tidy for!!

Good luck with your curtain hunting, rather you than me!!! xxx

Burnice said...

It will stay tidy, I promise you. If I am to have workshops in there it will have to be tidy....... Sam she is 9 end of December going on 19..........

Burnice x

Donna said...

It's coming together Burn, looks like a nice place to come and play!!

Dr Babs said...

Hi Burnice
Your blog is developing into a real chuckler. having a great time reading it. Love your photos too. The cabin is looking great too. I envy you with a whole room to work in whenever you like.

Take care

Lesley said...

Looks fabby Burn! Milla's help is invaluable I know!!!
Lesley x

Linda said...

looking good Burn! Well done to Milla!!

Sandra said...

OOooo your craft cabin looks fantastic!! Have you got room for one more?? I'd love to come and play ;o)
Sandra x

Burnice said...

There's plent of room (once it stops raining !!)
Burnice x