Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cabin update

Hiya, an update from last night. Just before we were going to bed I decided I needed to check that the sealant stuff Ron had put round the window was okay. So off we trot (me in my jim jams and mac!) up the garden to the cabin. We opened the door and I screamed. There was a pool of water on the worktop. The towels were sopping wet. It was like getting them out of the washing machine before they had spun. The water was just pouring in through the bottom of the window. As you can all probably imagine Burn was VERY UPSET. We mopped up again and all I could say was what I was going to say on the phone to the berk who sold me a cabin with windows that open inwards !!!!! Then PING we had a brainwave. Ron shut a plastic carrier bag in the window to see if the rain would fall off that and not fall in (IYKWIM). Well it kinda worked and I looked round and in the bin was the "cling film" stuff that one of the craft units was wrapped in. I cut two lengths (there was loads) and we put it on the bit where the seal thingy was, closed the window and prayed. It wasn't coming through - but then the rain had kinda stopped.

Off the bed we go - thought I would have a sleepless night but I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely peeing myself laughing. I had a dream about putting some kind of pudding in the microwave for Milla and it exploded. daft eh !

Anyway morning now - go up to the cabin at 6.45 to check it out and it was no different than when we left it. We put some really thick seal stuff round the window and put dry towels in place of the wet ones and went to work (after getting a shower, washing my hair and putting my face on that is !) It's raining. So to calm myself I started knitting in the van on the way to work !!!!!!

Now - did it rain in East Sussex I hear you ask. Rain, it was pouring. Instead of going straight home HE decides he wants to go shopping. Shopping we go. We come out of ASDA and it is absolutely torrential. We run to the van, we and the shopping get soaked. We drive through flooded roads etc etc etc. The nearer home we get the more sick I feel.

Right we are home now. Get out of wet clothes, get the freezer stuff in the freezer, grabbed the torch and dry towels, put on coat (with hood) and open the cabin door. I screamed my head off and cried. IT WAS BONE DRY !!!

I apologise profusely now to those of you who are/have been flooded in your homes. I know I am acting like a spoilt child but I can't help it. This cabin has cost me a lot of money and a lot of heartache to get it (bit dramatic the last bit but me mates know what I mean!) and I want it to be just the business. Sorry guys.

Oh BTW if I still have your attention I have some GOOD news. I won some blog candy over on Devotion to the Dream. Thanks Emma. How exciting is that ! Must be beginners luck !!!!

Going now
Burnice x

Thanks for listening.


sam21ski said...

Glad you've finally got the leek sorted Burn and well done on the blog candy xxxxx

Emma said...

Wow - you could make a mini series just on your cabin alone - awh I do sympathise when you have spent so much money and effort. Obviously it only leaks when it's NOT raining ;D

Your goody bag is all wrapped ready for MR posite (aka hubby) to post tomorrow :D

Take care,

Emma x

Lesley said...

Emma's candy will perk you up Burn you lucky thing!!
Glad all was well when you got home last night. It was a pig of a day yesterday weatherwise.
I put me jammies on at 2.30pm LOL!
Lesley x

Linda said...

glad all is well now Burn, and well done on the blog candy!

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo well done on sorting it too! Just a thought...the guy hasn't put the windows in the wrong way round has he? Sound odd to open inwards.

Donna said...

Glad you got the window thing all sorted out how frustating that would be when you've spent all that time and money!!Congrats for being the winner of the candy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nanny,
love your blog.
Can we watch X factor tonight, please?

Milla ;OD