Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Thought it was about time....

..... I posted something I had made! Well I still haven't quite got the cabin sorted cos some stuff is still in the old craft room up in the room in the roof. I thought you might like to see me knitting. Here are the first pair of wrist warmers I made. I am on my third pair now with leg warmers to match. Am I getting sick of them yet - NOOOOOOOOO not yet !!!!! I still have about 10 balls of wool to go through !!!!! I also have two more pairs of wristwarmers to knit for someone at work and then some for Milla and her mum and then the rest for moi !!!!

I have also been knitting some cakes! The chocolate cake I made for my friend Lance (pic on side bar at Wembley). His girlfriend (me little mate) told him I was making him a chocolate cake for his birthday. Now anyone who knows me well knows I don't/can't/won't cook. Michaela said his face was a picture when he saw it was knitted !!!!! He said "Burn's a clever woman"! or something like that !!!!

Here is a swiss roll !!!
Hope you likey my knitting.
Best get on with the leg warmers !!!!


Miss Natz said...

I really love the arm warmers! Very cute! Wish I could knit!

sam21ski said...

It's confirmed, you are definitely mad!!!!!

Emma said...

Aaahh what a giggle those cakes are - you are so clever Burnice :D loving the wrist and leg warmers too - takes me back to my fame days lol!

Lesley said...

I agree with Sam - you are indeed mad!! haha!
Love the wrist warmers.
The cakes are fab IRL folks.
Lesley x

Linda said...

fabby wrist warmers (I am secretly hoping for some in me Christmas parcel hehehehe) Just love the way the colours in the wool knit - like fairisle!

Burnice said...

Hint taken Linda ! Burn x

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo lovely Burn! I too am liking those wrist warmers...would do great on playground duty! Do you have a pattern or did you make it up?