Friday, 16 October 2009

Burn is going AWOL ...

.... well not really AWOL but I am off to Milton Keynes with my two craft buddies to the PaperArtsy Weekend. I have my bag packed and my craft supplies packed and am sitting here charging up my ipod, updating my blog and waiting for Linda to arrive. She will be here about 12.00, then we will have a bit of lunch and then set off. We will be meeting Lesley there. She is driving up from Exeter. Really looking forward to it now. I have my latex gloves for the messy bit.

A bit of a laugh - I bought an X-cut pokey tool yesterday and I was playing with it at work, pushing up the bit that makes it go in and out and I pulled the mechanism bit down to put the pokey tool back in its little hidey hole and then went to rub my nose (don't ask!) and stuck the pokey tool into my chin. I hadn't put it right down into it's pokey tool hole. Let that be a lesson to you girlies - make sure you put the pokey tool back into it's pokey tool hole. It did make me jump and, of course, laugh !!!!!!

Went to BSL last night and learnt loads of new stuff. I am really enjoying this. I can sign my name really fast now !!! I also have been given a sign name - it's a form of nickname. It's the sign for "Burn". Cool eh!

I would say "best get on with me knitting" but I can't cos I won't be, but I am taking it with me !!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Sunday night.

Love Burnice xxxx


sam21ski said...

Hope you all have a fab time, don't forget the camera now you have a blog to uphold!!!!

Linda Elbourne said...

I loved every minute of it - it was great to meet you too :0)