Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 7 - Wrap it!

Only 18 to go folks..... Well from the clue above I am thinking I've got Eminem somewhere in my little packet. Nah! too soft - I think he's 'ard in't 'e!!! Then we think - ball of string - nah! Lesley's not THAT mean!!!! Open it then, he cries, so I did and this is what I found....
Cool eh! It's that fab tissuey stuff that you can open right out to about an inch wide. Fab. Thanks Lesley.

Here is a pic of my secret santa pressie I got from the stitch club. Think I know who it's from!

It is much prettier in real life, honest. I think I should have cropped the pic and then you could have seen it better. Next time!

I just lurve ny friends and lurve this time of year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I suppose I had better get me bum in gear - Ron has to be at the hospital at about 12.00'sh and I have some washing on and I need to change the bed (sheets that is - not the bed cos I like my bed with it's springy back mattress!!!).

Will come back and let you know how he got on - hopefully it won't be one of our "mishap" tales!!!

Have a good day folks

Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Ermmmm ok pressie today but think I'd rather of had another tube of minstrels!!! Fab bracelet xxxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh you are so lucky this is so beautiful!
Look forward to meeting you in January.
kim x