Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 4 - A-tishoo

Bless you...... The clue today was A-Tishoo. Didn't take Mr and Mrs L long to work that one out! Here are the pretty tissues. Not sure whether I will ever blow me nose on them but we'll see! Aren't they soooo cute.
I am having a very lazy day today. I am absolutely shattered! I was supposed to be resting this week but that went by the by! I am firing on three pistons!

I may pop down to Milla's school later on to see her as an elf. Her drama group are doing the santa's grotto and Milla and her little friend Coco are elves. Peter, DS1, is being a grumpy elf. Worth the bus ride just to see that!!! Hopefully I will have some pics to show you.

It's a fabulously sunny day today. May go up in the cabin - should be warm up there with the sun shining on it. I have some challenges to do and chrissy cards.

BSL yesterday, learnt some sentences. Bit daunting but think I got it. We did directions which apparently is what we are going to be asked on our assessment. Paul said we could make up directions so I asked if I could just say "here" and point to the floor. Don't think that would work do you?

Have a great day peeps.

Burnice x

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