Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day 22 - I asked Si to bring this back from Hong Kong.......

..... he brought me one last year and thought you could add to your collection. The lady at number 73 then got all excited cos she thinks she guessed. Boy was she right. Have a look at this:
It's a beautiful silk scarf the size of a pashmena. Now if you know me well you will know that I have your commonal garden pashmena scarf thingies in every conceivable colour, even some light and dark shades of the same colour! I have one to go with everything I wear - hence the comment about "collection". I would count them but am too scared. Thank you sooooo much Lesley (and Si) it is absolutely adorable. Oh and the colour is a smokey purply grey.
When I got home from work yesterday the AVON lady had called with me bits. Just look at these - couldn't resist them. These are my snuggly boots. I had them on very early this morning, in fact from 12.15am to 2.10am. I couldn't sleep and they were just right for toasty toes. Aren't they scrummy? The furry lining goes right down to the toe bit. Not bad for £7.50 eh! You can have them rolled down or left. Still haven't made up my mind as you can see !!!

Invalid in carer's bad books. She got home from work - later than normal cos she went perfume shopping - and he was slouched on the sofa. When she asked him what was wrong he said he ached a bit. Before she could dish out any sympathy he blew it by saying he had given the cabin one coat of stain. Well you can imagine what the carer said - something like this *&%$£*& !!! Still it's nearly christmas so I forgave him.

Right cuppa calling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x


Linda said...

love those boots! Nich scarf too:):)
Tell the invalid he is a naughty boy from me!

Burnice said...

They not boots - they my slippers !! Don't you worry I bleedin' told 'im !!

Burn x