Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 13 - Just add ink....

Guessed what it was today and then "assumed" it was an angel. Right on the guessing it was a stamp but wrong on the guessing it was an angel. Opened it and found this:

Thanks Lesley - this is just sooooo useful. Got all these things going round my head now but they will have to stay there until the new year. They are crashing around with all the other things going on in my little head.........

I am knackered. This invalid looking after is wearing me out. I have total admiration for those that do it all the time. Went to bed at 10.30 last night, slept right through til 5.30, went to the loo, went straight back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was 8.45..............

We had a cooked breakfast today (first time in ages!) and then I cut the invalid's hair and got him showered, he shaved and is now crashed on the sofa with the Mail on Sunday, a sticky bun and a cup of tea. Ooooh the life!

Just realised I haven't checked our lottery. If I am not back for 5 years then you will know we've won - actually I am not sure I could keep it to myself anyway so I'll see you in 5 (mins that is not years!).

Well that didn't take long to check! Not a titter! Oh well there is always Wednesday!

I have to go and look for some stain/paint for the cabin now. Can't decide - I think I want red cedar - you know me and colour. It probably won't be what I am expecting........ I quite like it as it is but if we paint it that colour it will get soooooo dirty soooooo quickly. HELP !!!!

Going to finish some projects up there in a min.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x


Lesley said...

Red Cedar sounds good - changed your mind from last time we spoke LOL!

Glad you're enjoying your Cabin!

Lesley xx

Burnice said...

Mmmmm - I've changed my mind again - gone for light oak !!!! Still you knew I would, didn't you?
Burnice x

sam21ski said...

It might not be an angel but will come in very useful for wings!!!!