Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 21 - Picture this.....

Thought it might have been a photo frame but it was too squidgy! Couldn't think so I opened it and this is what I found:
A nice little album to put some summer pics of Milla in. Thanks Lesley.

Thought I might show you one of the designs for my Christmas cards. I have been very lax this year. Hardly made any - so if you haven't had one I do apologise profusely but I will make it up to you (no it's okay you won't get two next year!). Not sure how but I will. This one was sent to Ron's Aunt and Uncle. About four years ago I made over 100 cards and sent them to everyone I knew! One was sent to Pat and Frank. Never thought anything of it. I got a letter from Pat saying how moved she was with my card and how beautiful it was. Trouble was I could not for the life of me remember what the card was like. Consequently, every year since I have done my utmost to outdo myself. I was very pleased with this one I must say. This is actually one of my most used chrissy stamps. Hope you like it too.
I apologise for it's surroundings but I did crop it and put my text thingy in the corner but did it in picaso and couldn't remember how to get it in my "pictures". Never mind eh!
It rained this afternoon. Just thought I would share that with you.
DS2 has gone down to the Eden Project this morning! Now it's snowed!!!!! His girlfriend has come over from Miami so he took her down there for a surprise. Be an even bigger surprise if they can't get home eh!!!!!
Right best shoot off now - Emma coming soon to finish of album.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burn x


sam21ski said...

Lovely card Burn xxx

Linda said...

lovely card! I am loving reading all about the little presents and the clues! Loving opening all mine too!!

Zoechaos said...

Beautiful card Burn, they must be thrilled with it.

Hope your Son and his Girlfriend got back OK its Wednesday now and an icerink all along the coast now!