Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 17 - Just pretty....

I didn't even bother to ask him, who is lying on the sofa at the moment watching the footie, this morning what he thought my little pressie might be today! I wasn't in the mood for all the wittyand daft suggestions. So I opened it straight away and, look, such pretty little bits. There is a sheet of those polytheney type stickers of flowers and birds; a purple acetate bookmark with the same flowers and birdies, with a ball chain attaching an acetate circle with a birdie on and two badges with the flowers and birdie on. All from paperchase. They are sooooo cute, thank you Lesley.
Been to BSL tonight and learnt more sentences using Countries. God I am so confused. Came out to get the bus home and it's snowing. One of fellow pupils offered to take me home and driving along the A27 it was coming down really hard. Got onto the Falmer Road which is a highish road coming into Woodingdean (passing the new stadium) and it was blizzarding. I have never seen anything like it. It was floating across the road. Really eerie it was. I have been in 45 mins or so and if I had caught the two buses I usually catch I would be three quarters of the way home by now. Just had the gritter make an appearance. Bit late now but hey it came!

Right me toast has popped and best get on with me knitting!

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

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sam21ski said...

You certainly are getting a ripe collection of stuff - have you eaten all the minstrels yet!!!!!