Saturday, 19 December 2009

Day 19 - Give me a home

Conversation this morning at 9.15 (when lady and man woke up!) went something like this:
Lady: Give me a home (walking into the bedroom with little pressie in hand)
Man: A donkey (eyes closed still and half asleep)
Lady: I hope she hasn't spent THAT much
Man: Oh you mean your little pressie
Lady: Tut!
Lady opens pressie and gives a little squeal (as little as this lady could, that is!)

Lady: Ooooh look - a sugar nellie
Man: a what?
Lady: Oh never mind - lady stomps off.

Anyway lady got over man being a willock and took a photo of said sugar nellie:
Meet Dexter. Isn't he just the cutest. Can't wait to get on and use Dexter.

Right - gotta go now cos man and lady are going to Asda. Man has foolishly taken a spade and scraped away snow from path and behind car. Man indoors now moaning cos his invalid place is hurting. Urghhhh lady not happy with man. Man making cup of tea now so lady best go and get dressed (what? - it's only 10.32!) and then drink tea man has made (ooh would that be a man made tea?) and then go to Asda. Might go visiting too - mind you all this is all assuming roads are okay. Should be - no snow last night.

I am in a doppy mood today - can you tell? Wonder how long it will last!

Have a great day folks

Speak later

Lady x


Zoechaos said...

Cute teddie, you need to hug him tight in this cold weather.

sam21ski said...

Enjoy your shopping in the chaos at ASDA!!!!!

Lesley said...