Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dec 12 - Bit of bling

As usual we went through the motions this morning - guessing ones that is - and Ron said "a gold chain" - yeah right!!! I thought it might have been some sticky back jewels or pearly things - you know something like that. WRONG ! It was these fabulous asiany type bits of bling:

I can assure you they are much brighter IRL. I just love them. Thanks Lesley.

Ooh I've been busy today - the postie woke me up at 8.10am this morning (boy was I tired!) with two pizza boxes for me and a jiffy bag for the invalid. He opened his and inside was a card from our senior partner and five bars of chocolate - mmmmmmmmmm! I opened my pizza boxes and I had my December kit from Sarah's cards. The other one was from Crafts U Love with a little order. Actually it was some wooden plaques which they had on sale and I thought would be good for altering. You need to scroll down the page a bit to see them. I also bought the Magnolia Magazine. Boy is that mag inspirational. Well worth the money.

Got up then and we had brekkie. Door bell goes again - van postie with a big parcel for DS1.

Decided then I should maybe go food shopping. Now this is a big deal for me cos I have not been food shopping on my own for 30 years or so. The invalid always did it. Off I go in the car armed with two £1 coins. I am told these are for the car park (which I get back off the bill) and the other for the trolley which I get back. So far so good. Go round Asda, haven't the foggiest what I'm doing but I manage to get it done. At the checkout I am still doing quite well until it came to pay. The invalid had given me his card to pay for the shopping, put it in the machine and completely forget his number. DOH! Do I feel daft. Still not too much of a problem cos fortunately I had mine with me. PHEW! He owes me £41 odd now !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooh I love it when he owes me!! Drove home. Trauma over.

When I got back the foot postie comes and he has brought (at long last) the Magnolia stamps I bought through their stamp club. They are absolutely bloomin fabulous. Burn a happy bunny now. Just what the 'trauma from food shopping' doctor ordered! Can't wait to get up in the cabin to have a go. Just got to wash up lunch stuff (had a fab bacon sarny in tiger bread - still warm from Asda).

If you behave I may show you some of the creations later.

thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

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