Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day 23 - A friend is importing these from Chile.....

.... hope you like these. No guessing this morning. Didn't know where to begin, so I dived in and bloomin' 'eck look wot I got:
Aren't they just fabulous. Course him that was in bed said in his own inimitable way - look like spaghetti. Told him he was a plonker and that it was bamboo so he said "you've been bamboozled then"! God he is soooo funny - huh! Anyway back to the pressie - they are fantastic. Thank you so much Lesley.

Done all me shopping now - wot's forgotten will stay forgotten. Actually I lied - I have one more and that's Kris's girlfriend - have said we will go shopping after crimble. Just got to get the tree up now. Will do that tomorrow.

Right, curry's done - thanks for looking.

Love Burnice (cough cough - urgghhh it's giving me a headache now)


Lesley said...

Glad you're still liking your pressies Burn -
Lesley x

Burnice said...

oooh I am that! Happy christmas to you too.

Burn x