Monday, 14 December 2009

Day 14 - Lickety Lick ........

Ron's guess this morning was "lipstick" or "lollypop". It was kinda shaped like a lollypop, the chukka lolly type. Burn opened it and this is what she found:
This is just the ticket, cos I have almost run out of mine. Well done Lesley (or did you know?). Thanks very much. I hope you are enjoying opening yours as much as I am.
I think I already told you guys that I bought the stamps from Magnolia's stamp club. Well I just had to have a go at them. This is one of them. It's part of a leaving card I am making for a lovely young lady at work. Daren't show you any more in case she reads me blog. Risking putting this much on - but hey !

Isn't she just delightful. I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea but I just lurve the magnolias. She seems to be missing some bling I notice so will need to take some (and me glossy accents) to work tomorrow and replace them.

Invalid went for a walk to the shops this morning cos he said he felt dizzy and thought it was cos he was couped up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still he got home safe as there was a lovely smell of roast pork when I got in. It had been slow cooking for about 3 hours. Had roast spuds, cauli, leek and peas to go with it. The pork was rolled and stuffed. It was delish!!!! Could get used to this.

Right I'm off up the cabin now to finish me project and have left the invalid laying on the sofa watching Corrie. I have just realised I haven't put the heater on up there so it's going to be a bit chilly.

Thanks for stopping by and sees yer the morn!

Love Burnice x


Emma said...

Oooh how exiting all this is - I love finding out what's next in your parcel :D

Burnice said...

... me too !
Burnice x